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1 : What is a web site?
2 : What is web hosting?
3 : Why does my company need a website?
4 :
What can a web site do for me?
5 : How much does a web site cost?
6 :
What is a domain name?
7 : How can I promote my website?
8 : How can I get visitors to return to my site?
9 : What is Flash and all this talk about animation?
10: Why use ProFiles Digital Media to develop and maintain my website?

Q : What is a web site?
A :
Essentially, a Web site is a way to present yourself online. Your Web site is a place on the Internet where anyone in the world can visit whenever they want to find out more about you, ask you questions, give you feedback, or even buy your products. Think of the Internet as the world's biggest trade show, and your Web site is your booth. You can think of the Internet as a giant book of business cards. What will make your card stand out from the others? A properly designed website should be one of the key ingredients in your businesses online marketing strategy. A properly designed website will put the right amount of information at your visitor's fingertips. Contact Us to view samples of our work.

Q : What is web hosting?
A :
In order to have a web site, you need something that will store all of the images and text information that will appear on your site. Thats what a web hosting account does, it stores all of the information that appears when someone types in your web address. All web sites require hosting.

Q : Why does my company need a website?
A : People are using the Web for everything from researching schoolwork to buying dinner. It's quick, it's convenient, and you never need to leave your desk. Even people who prefer to shop off-line are researching products on the Web. Today when people are trying to find you, the first place many will look is on the Web - and if they don't find you, they will probably find someone else! Having a professionally designed, functional and attractive website will benefit your company by improving your corporate image, increasing efficiency, decreasing costs related to marketing and advertising and making your business accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. More info....

Q : What can a web site do for me?
A :
What is your business? Do you have special skills? If have special and unique skills, a website will allow you to showcase your work. Give people a reason to choose your work over someone else.

Q : How much does a web site cost?
A : Each project will vary depending on your needs and budget. Most small business sites range between $750 - $5000. Other costs include monthly hosting fees and domain name registration. Updates to your site can be handled by ProFiles Digital Media as part of your hosting package or for an hourly fee.

Q : What is a domain name?
A :
Your Domain Name is your address on the Web. Just like people use your phone number to call you on the phone or your home address for physical mail, your Domain Name allows people to access your site on the Web. Clever, simple, or easy to remember Domain Names are most desirable as they can play a large part in attracting visitors to your site. Many Domain Names in Canada end with ".ca", ".com", ".net", and ".org". - but other extensions are also available.

In addition, Domains can be used with your e-mail accounts allowing you to send and receive e-mail with addresses such as "" or "" ProFiles Digital Media can provide you with name availability based on your needs. Ask us how we can assist you with all required domain name registration services.

Q : How can I promote my website?
A : Place your website address on all your printed materials, including business cards and stationery or on promotional items such as pens and mouse pads. Prominently display it in all your newspaper and magazine ads and mention it in your radio ads or television commercials. Include your website address in your email signature. We can also help you to refine your keywords and submit your site often to improve your search engine ranking.

Q : How can I get visitors to return to my site?
A : Fresh content is the key to return visits. Update your site content often to keep it current. Use features on your site that change often, such as an events calendar, weather, sales and specials. ProFiles Digital Media can handle your updates and maintenance for an hourly fee or we can arrange a monthly maintenance plan.

Q : What is Flash and all this talk about animation?
A : Flash is used to create interactive animation for the web. Text, sound, animation and graphics can be combined to create short Flash Intros or entire Flash Websites. Flash is appropriate for high bandwidth users who have high speed or Cable internet connections. Due to increased download time clients need to be sure to balance functionality with creativity to ensure that your target audience doesn't leave your site because of too much action and load time delays.

Q : Why use ProFiles Digital Media to develop and maintain a website?
A : At Pro-Files Digital Media Relationship building is the core element of our business and we can help you make profitable connections with your clients. Sure our goal is to produce websites that are functional, attractive, easy to navigate and maintain. Yes your website will be custom designed to your specifications. Yes we will design a high quality website that is totally unique ..... AND we guarantee to make the experience a truly enjoyable parnership!!

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