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ProFiles Digital Media has long recognized that your Internet presence is about a lot more than how beautiful your site is and what you have to say. We also know that your clients must be able to find you.

Prior to the Internet generation, the three rules of business were said to be "Location", "Location" and "Location". In the very early days of the Internet, the three rules were said to be, "Content", "Content" and "Content". Today there are millions more sites and being found is a greater challenge than it was just a few years ago. It can no longer be said that only one element factors into having a great web presence. With the stunning growth in web sites and web site visitors "Location" has become a factor for businesses on the World Wide Web.

Naturally, as with all things Internet related "location", on the World Wide Web, has its own, unique meaning. It means "Uniform Resourse Locator" (URL) or address, or, in the familiar term of today, your "Domain Name".

Today web sites have to be faster and cleaner. Vistors are more sophisticated... they expect more. Equally important is that your web site can be found. Your clients need to be able to find you with a minimum of fuss. You need your own, uniquely identifiable address... You need your own domain name. It is for this reason that ProFiles Digital Media offers consulting services in determining the most effective domain name for you!

We provide domain name registration services at discounted prices for many of the popular domain extensions including:

.com First International domain
.net Second International domain
.org Special Interest Organization
.ca Canada's own extension
.info Niche Expertise and Community
.biz Business in Focus

Best of all, we offer this array of registration services, including new registrations and transfers of existing domain names to our registration service without sacrificing an iota of the high quality support services for which ProFiles Digital Media is so well known!

Coming Soon...... ProFiles Digital Media online WHO IS domain name search!!

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