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The reasons why you need a website are endless and often driven by your own personal needs. Is your site an information resource or pehaps an extension of your existing marketing plan? Bottom line is that websites offer very valuable exposure, generate tremendous potential for new clients, supplement your current advertising and marketing efforts, enhance your customer service, extend your business hours and offer unlimited business growth potential at a very affordable cost!! The below information details just some of the benefits of having your own web site:

Low Cost Information and Business Resource
Utilizing the Internet for your business is very inexpensive. Unlimited connect accounts are generally available for less than $30/month and include Internet access and e-mail. You can start off with just using electronic mail (e-mail) as a way to communicate with existing customers and new ones.

E-Mail offers affordable communication!
Communicate anywhere in the world with customers and employees and pay NO long distance telephone charges. And while you're at it, you can "attach" other documents to your e-mail. For example, you can send an updated proposal to your representative across the country - quickly and at no cost. You don't even need to use your own ink to print the documents!

Enhances Customer Service & Support
Web sites also promote customer loyalty, customer feedback and help your business provide a higher level of customer service. You can provide personalized support for your customers with answers to common questions; assistance on specific products or services, provide a variety of ways in which you can be contacted .... and do all this without answering a phone or hiring additional staff.

Extends Business Hours. Be Open For Business 24 hours a day
A web site makes information about your company's products or services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Initially this may sound imposing, but in reality it's a big plus. With e-mail, people can contact you anytime it is convenient for them. You can respond anytime that's convenient for you. Of course, we suggest "timely-response" just as if someone called you. When you have a website, potential customers can find out about your products and services 24 hours a day. Isn't this much better than getting a call at 5:00 AM from a customer in a time zone that's 3 hours ahead of yours?

Supplements Your Current Marketing Efforts
A web site will add a new dimension to your current marketing efforts, because you can refer everyone to your web site for more information!

Most Affordable Advertising
Your web site will be in full-color, and (unlike printed media) you can update your web site as often as you wish!

Global Reach
The Internet is being used on a regular basis by millions worldwide with more "connecting" every day. Many of the new users come from countries around the world. They want to buy the "latest and greatest" products. They have money. With the Internet they can become your customer! How much do you think it would cost you to advertise in the Times of London, the Tokyo Daily, and Moscow Today? Compare that to the cost of a website. The information you provide on your website is instantly available to every one of these users.

Reach customers that speak a foreign language
Why restrict your market to the "English-speaking" world? Translate your website into a number of languages and offer a choice to users when they come to your home page to further increase your exposure.

Long Distance Money Savings
Today your long-distance phone bill can run into the hundreds of dollars. Using the e-mail to talk to your customers, suppliers, partners, etc., can save you a large portion of this expense.

Try new ideas
When you use the Internet, you can try new ideas usually for little invested on your part. It doesn't work, OK, you learned. Modify it your idea. Improve it. At the very least you'll know more than your competitors.

Update or Change your products and services easily and at low cost
If you have produced "paper" catalogs, brochures, sales collateral's, you know how difficult and expensive it is to change them. You want to add a new item. Oh no! The phone company changed your area code. No, no! What a pain with paper. With your Internet site, changing anything is a simple and inexpensive process.

Say you just received a new product and you want to advertise a "special." Reaching your customers via the phone, sending a letter, or FAX would be time-consuming and expensive. With the Internet you can send out an e-mail to 500 of your best customers with the click of your mouse. You can put a "SPECIAL" notice on your website advertising the new product.

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