CD Business Card Benefits, CD Business cards, BIZ Cards, CD-Rom business cards, cd-rom specialty products, and cd catalogues

CD Business Card Benefits, CD Business cards, BIZ Cards, CD-Rom business cards, cd-rom specialty products, and cd catalogues
CD Business Card Benefits, CD Business cards, BIZ Cards, CD-Rom business cards, cd-rom specialty products, and cd catalogues
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CD Business Card Benefits: Why should I have a CD Business Card? "It really boils down to increased customer service and a better bottom line"

CD Business cards, BIZ Cards, CD-Rom business cards, cd-rom specialty products, and cd catalogues. What is the difference and which product should my company use?.....learn more

Cost Efficient....And Efficient:
A CD Business Card is a fraction of the cost of a full colour brochure or catalog. This will reduce your advertising costs and increase your response rate. Additionally, it can be mailed in a small, regular envelope and even save on your postage costs!! A similar size to a printed business card, the BIZ CARD is an extremely efficient size and manner in which to present your corporate information.

Stand Out In The Crowd:
Most people are attracted to CD Business Cards and CD Catalogs because they are interesting, unusual and contain lots of information. Take advantage of this to help your business. A CD Business Card is much more likely to get noticed and used and is substantially more effective when compared to an average printed business card, brochure or any other piece of literature.

Impress with Image:
Image is extremely important for companies attempting to attract new business. CD Business Cards and CD Catalogs will let prospective clients know that your company is cutting edge - current, resourceful and customer service oriented. Does your competition market with a CD BIZ CARD?

Traffic To Your Website:
Your website may be great, but is it getting the attention it deserves? More importantly, are your visitors actually potential business clients? Now, with a direct link from your CD Business Card, you can have the "right people" visit your website with a click of the mouse. Clients will appreciate your efforts in being proactive and productive with their time management. Another great customer service effort on your part!

Consolidate Your Marketing Materials:
Consolidate your marketing materials into an "all-in-one" multimedia presentation that is compact and that can be easily and inexpensively distributed. Eliminate the need to carry large amounts printed literature and materials when visiting clients.

Seen & Heard:
The opportunities are limitless. Using video, pictures, graphics, sound, text and music, you can show your prospective customers your product line or service, before-and-after scenarios, your facility, your capabilities, your staff and anything else you would like to feature. This small CD Business Card can even contain your products catalogues, price lists, training manuals or videos, and even a link to your website and your e-mail.

Trade Shows Bring in Clients!:
Trade shows can be expensive. Maximize on your investment and give out your CD Business Cards to as many prospective clients as possible.You will generate more interest, have more leads, so you can make more sales.

Proposals & Quotes Come To Life:
The next time you send a quote, proposal or tender, include a CD Business Card. This is an excellent way to stand out from the rest of the crowd and SHOW your prospective clients or customers what you have and what you can do for them.

Sales Call Sensationalism:
Imagine a perfect sales presentation every time with rich graphics, video, text, narration and interactivity. Potential clients can take a virtual tour of your facility, demo products or view reports or price lists. Adds a professional touch and instant credibility to your company.

Internet Enhancement:
The internet is great, but many people still have slow connections. A CD-ROM is always faster than even a high-speed connection, particularly for high resolution video and graphics. Not to mention that your CD Business Card is physically present in front of your potential clients and can be freely passed around their office.

Product Launch or Introduction:
Include you CD Business Card "BIZ CARD" into your marketing strategies. The next time you launch or introduce a new product why not use CD Business Cards to do it? They are inexpensive, can be mailed inexpensively and can be inserted into magazine and trade publications.

Information Access Anywhere:
CD Business Cards and CD Catalogs allow your prospective clients to access your information anywhere they may be - airport, restaurant, taxi. No need to access the internet. No download time. A perfect compliment to your existing marketing program.

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